How to edit/update account details?

How to edit/update account details?

The article covers the steps to be followed for updating the account  details in the  Kylas CRM. In the context of this article, account refers to the organization using Kylas CRM.


  1. Permissions: Any role having access to Control Center, with permission to change the Account Settings.
  2. Product Plans: All
  3. Activities to be Completed: Signup


Step 1
Sign-in to the CRM using the registered credentials (email id, password).
Kylas sign in form

Step 2
Select the 'General Settings' option from the 'Account' tab in the admin dashboard.
Kylas CRM Account tab

Step 3
Update the company details in the form that opens up after step 2. The information is classified into 4 categories (General Information, Address, Format & Other Defaults, Branding).
Company details

Step 4 
After step 3, click on the 'Save' button at the bottom right corner of the Accounts Settings page.

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