How to add a new user in Kylas CRM?

How to add a new user in Kylas CRM?

You can add your team members to Kylas CRM and specify their roles. The article covers the steps to be followed for creating new users in Kylas CRM.


  1. Permissions:  Any user with access to Control Center along with the permission to Create Users
  2. Product Plans: All
  3. Activities to be Completed: Creating a company account, Creating the desired user role


Step 1 
Click on Add New User option under the 'User Management' tab on the admin dashboard. This will open the User creation form.
add new userSteps to add new user in kylas

Step 2
Fill in the details of the new user in the user creation form that opens after step 1. 
Filling user details

Step 3
Select User profile
User profile

Step 4
After step 2, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page. This will create a new user and a success message will be displayed on the screen.
create new user

After creating a new user, a confirmation mail will be sent to the new user's mail id. The new user will get activated in the system only if the user acknowledges the mail, by clicking on the link given in the mail and setting his password.

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