April 2021 Release

April 2021 Release

In this release, Kylas has made the following feature live - Email templates, Dashboards, Usage Statistics, Call Logs. The detailed description of changes in Kylas in this release is given below:


In this release, we have extended the workflow capability to the Contact and Deal module. The following capabilities will be provided by this module in this release:
  1. Automate Emails: Create workflows that trigger on events like Lead/Contact Creation or Updation and sends email to the entity that is part of the workflow.
  2. Create Tasks - Create a new task on the creation or updating of the entity related to the workflow.

Email Templates

The following capabilities will be provided by this module in this release:
  1. Create Standard Email Templates for standards events like welcome, deal won etc.
  2. Variables - Variables will help the templates to automatically pick the values related to the record on which the template is being used.


This release brings you the productivity dashboards. The following features will be part of the dashboard:
  1. Lead, Deal buckets - The dashboard consist of Leads and Deals section which will represent the important leads/deals on which the user has to work.
  2. Meetings Sidepanel - The meetings side panel will provide a quick view of the current day's meetings.
  3. Tasks Sidepanel - The tasks side panel will provide a quick view of the tasks assigned to the user which are getting due on the current day. 

Usage Statistics

The commercial plans of Kylas CRM will be active from this release and since the pricing of Kylas is related to the data being used by the tenant, the usage statistics screen becomes inevitable. The usage statistics screen will provide you with an overview of your system usage and the balances available for you, as per your plan.

Call Logs

The call log feature will enable users to log details of their calls related to a lead/contact. Kylas also introduces Kylas Call Tracker app, which will help users to automatically push the details of their calls to Kylas CRM from their android phone.

Important Fields

This release introduces an important setting in Lead/Contact forms configuration. The Kylas CRM account admin can mark any lead fields as important, so that only those fields will be displayed to the other users by default while creating a new lead/contact in Kylas CRM.

Horizontal navigation

In this release, Kylas also presents you with horizontal navigation. The horizontal navigation will improve the visibility of all modules in Kylas CRM and the usability of the CRM.

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