Deal Form Layout

Deal Form Layout

"Deal" is one of the prime business entities demanded in order to track the Sales Flow. It comes with different stages and with specific information in order to visualize the sales pipeline and estimate business revenues. Kylas CRM allows you to customize and update the layout required as per your Business case.

To Create a New Deal Layout follow the steps below.

1)  Log in to your Kylas account.

2) Navigate to  CRM settings > Customization

3.) Click on the Layout module.

4.)  You'll see two entity bifurcations for layouts. - Lead and Deal.
    Select Deal to proceed further.

5.) Click on the " New Layout" section.

6.)  Layout Type has 3 defined categories.
   a) Add Deal Layout - This Layout helps you to tailor and modify the data your own way. You can customize the fields you require according to your use case and modify them accordingly.
   b) Edit Deal Layout - As the name itself clears, it allows you to make changes in the already set deal layout.
   c) Deal Details Layout -  Deal details layout allows you to redesign the details visible in the specific record set.

Let us go one by one and understand these 3 categories.

6 a) Add Deal Layout - As explained above in the highlighted section, this helps you custom-build your own layout. Post you select the "Add deal layout" option from the layout type dropdown > Get Started, you'll be redirected to the Layout form builder section.

To get started click on ( + Add new section)  and rename it as per your preference. For eg- Create Deal. Set the heading of the layout.  To add the fields - Use the Drag and Drop method. Drag the fields you require and drop them onto the layout.
You can add multiple sections to the layout according to your data set.

Note - To add a new field , navigate to the deal form fields section and follow the steps below.

1) Click on Add new field.
2) Choose the  required Data field type - Text, Paragraph, Number, Picklist, Checkbox, Date , Date time Picker, URL Field 
3) Click on Next and enter the General Information w.r.t Display Name and Description.  Enable the toggles for both             filterable and sortable.

6 b) Edit Deal Layout - If you have already predefined a deal layout and now you're looking for a solution to update it , edit deal layout section will help you with it. You can proceed by clicking on the pencil icon present in order to alter the required changes.

6 c) Deal Details Layout -  To customize the details visible in a specific deal, a Deal details layout would solve the purpose here. It follows the similar steps we have seen above for the  "Add deal layout." One needs to add the sections, define the headings and drag and drop the fields required.

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