How to Create the Quotation in Kylas CRM?

How to Create the Quotation in Kylas CRM?

This article will walk you through the steps to create the quote and execute the features.


1) Any user with Create and/or Update permission for Quotation under the Order Management.
2) Any user with the Deal read permission.
Product Plan: All
Activities to be completed: Create Deal, contact, company first to associate it with quotation.

Step by Step Process

1) Navigate to the ''Quotation" tab on the sales panel.

2.) Once done, it will direct you to Quotation listing page. Click on ''Add Quotation" option present in the top- right corner in blue.

3.) Quotation Form is sub-divided into 4 main categories.
A)  General Information - Includes information such as Summary, Associated Deal, Contacts, Company, and quote status
B) Products or Services - This section includes the quantity and price of the Product & Services along with the discounts and tax detail.
C)Billing & Shipping Address - This is where you can mention the Billing and Shipping address for the quote.
D) Additional Information - A rich text paragraph field to add additional information to your quotation.

3.1 General Information - This includes 3 mandate fields - Quotation summary, associated deal and quotation status.
Step 1 - Add in the Quotation summary.
Step 2 - Select a deal from the associated deal 'drop-down' menu.
Step 3 - The 'Associated Contacts' and 'Associated Company' will be auto-populated based on deal information only after the deal selection
Step 4 - The quotation will have a default status as 'Draft' and can be changed from the drop-down list
Step 5 - You can add the date of quote generation 
Also you can set a validity date for your quotation till which it will be valid.
Note - The 'Associated Contacts' and 'Associated Company' fields will be grayed out until a deal selection and show the information based on the deal only.
3.2 Products and Services - Post selecting the deal in the associated "deal field" details of the product and services would automatically  be captured along with Quantity, price , discount and if pictures have been attached.
You would be able to update and add in all the fields present - (Product Service, Quantity, Price, discount, tax, total amount, additional discount, additional tax, adjustments.)

To view the pictures attached in the selected Products and Services, click on View Images, the image would appear.


3.3 Billing and Shipping Address - After you are done adding the products and services, add the Billing and Shipping address in detail.

Note - You can also make the Shipping Address the same as the Billing Address by just checking a box available below the Billing Address section
3.4 Additional Information - You can also add in the additional information related to the quotation.

4. Once you are done adding all the details, click on save and the new quotation would be created.

Video Tutorial  - How to Use Quotations using Kylas CRM?

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