October 2020 Release

October 2020 Release

In this release Kylas team brings you the Meeting Module. This will empower the Kylas users to schedule and manage meetings with their leads, contacts and internal users. The following capabilities are available in the meeting module
  1. Schedule Meetings : User can schedule/reschedule meetings with leads, contacts and other Kylas users who are part of the organizer's account.
  1. Associate Meeting with an entity in the system: This feature will enable user's to view meeting history a lead, deal or contact owned by/shared with them; on the entity (lead/deal/contact) details page.
  1. Meeting Notifications: A system generated email will be sent to all the participants of the meeting whenever a meeting is scheduled, rescheduled or cancelled. This email will also enable the invitees to record their RSVP response for the meeting. The organizer will be always notified about the same.
  1. RSVP Status: The Kylas users will be able to view the list of participants in the meeting they are involved, along with the participant's RSVP status. The kylas users who are the invitees of a meeting can respond to the invite via Kylas CRM itself.

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