September 2020 Release

September 2020 Release

Lead Conversion

A lead can be now be converted into a contact or company as well. Also, converting a lead into any combination of Deal, Contact and Company is also supported in the latest release. Please refer to the section Lead Conversion in the knowledge-base for more details about the Lead conversion capabilities offered by Kylas CRM.

Deal Reports
Now, users can create deal reports in Kylas, to track the progress of their deals. Kylas CRM also provide users with some standard/default deal reports on top of this. Users can edit these standard reports to match their requirement or use them as it is.
Check out the Standard Deal Reports available in Kylas CRM, by clicking on the following link - Standard Deal Reports​

Lead Capture Form
User can create lead capture forms, which can be placed in the website of the user; using the javascript code generated in the form building process. Whenever a person fills up this form and submits the same in the website, a lead is automatically created in Kylas CRM using the details given in the form. Checkout more about Lead capture Forms in the section 'Integration', in the Kylas Knowledgebase.

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