What is a Lead?

What is a Lead?

Lead is an organisation or a person who can be a potential buyer of products and services offered by the selling organisation. For example, you meet a person from a organization in an event and exchange business cards. The person might not have shown direct interest in the product and services of the selling company, but you identify that his/her company uses similar kind of products. Then this person is added to the system as a lead, since you expect that you may be able to break the competition and close a deal in the future.
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    • What is the difference between a lead and a contact?

      The lead is a person who has not yet been qualified and might be interested in your product or service. When the lead becomes more qualified, you can convert it into a contact. A contact is your point of communication for an organization (account). ...
    • What is the difference between reassigning and sharing?

      In reassigning the ownership of the lead/contact/deal is transferred to the new user. In sharing a lead/contact/deal the new user will be able to track all the information/updates pertaining to the lead/contact/deal and also he can perform ...
    • What is meant by Business Type?

      Business Type refers to the probable type of relation which a lead will have with the Seller. Competitor, consultant, customer etc. are typical examples for business type.
    • What is a contact?

      Contact is a person from the buying organisation who is the point of communication for the selling organisation, with the buying organization. When a lead gets qualified by the salesperson, it becomes a contact.
    • What is a Task?

      Task is any activity to be performed on the existing lead/deal by the sales professional. Follow-up call, reminder mail etc. are typical examples for tasks. User can login and set reminders for various sales activities by using the 'Tasks' feature in ...