What is a team?

What is a team?

Team is an entity in the the CRM under which a set of users are grouped. All the users in a team gets access to the tasks, leads, deals etc. shared with the team. Creation of teams makes it easy for the sales executives to work collaboratively on leads, deals etc.
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    • What is meant by metrics in Kylas report?

      Metrics are standards for measurement that are used to assess, compare and track the performance of the sales team. Number of leads, number of contacts, number of deals etc. are typical example for metrics in Kylas CRM.
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      Smart List are filtering conditions that can be saved by a user for later use. There will be many filters which will be used very frequently by the sales people. The leads which are open, leads created by a specific user, Contacts created in last 30 ...
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      The smart lists which are readily available in Kylas CRM are listed below: All Leads - This list will consist of all leads accessible  by the user. All My Leads - This list will contain all the leads owned by the user. Shared With Me - This list will ...